Suss is a Learning Design Studio. We create learning that inspires people to perform.

We build

Shifting mindsets and changing behaviours

moments that

build people

Expertly crafted learning experiences

At Suss we build digital learning.

We design e-learning modules, videos, animations, augmented reality, 360 videos, develop websites and sharepoint sites. Basically anything that supports people to connect, share, learn, laugh and grow.

Based across New Zealand and Australia, we have a diverse team with experience and creativity to deliver to your project.

Shifting mindsets and changing behaviours at —



One NZ

Genesis Energy


Our Ethos


We do things differently

Innovating, surprising people, capturing imagination and kidnapping curiosity


We do things in relationship with our clients

Small and bespoke, we take problems out of our clients hands and get the work done


The quality of our work speaks for itself

We are known for our innovation, design and work ethic


Lianna Deed

Creator & Director


Hi I’m Lianna.  I’m a mum of three, a qualified teacher, and a creative business owner whose specialty lies in cutting through the complexity and getting to the heart of what people really need to know.  

From working in classrooms, in front of Sea World crowds, inside aeroplanes and within large corporate organisations, I’ve had opportunities to test, learn and experience many different aspects of learning, education and communication.

I truly believe that learning is a form of marketing, and I am passionate about finding creative and interesting ways to make an impact and get people engaged and curious about learning something new.

Clay Hau

Creator & Director


Kia ora rā e hoa!

I’m Clay, the koro in the team. The old head on old shoulders guy.  I’ve been honing my learning and education skills over the past 15 years in the public and private sector.

I’m the ‘take this and make it awesome’ person in the team. I use a multitude of creative applications to habitually produce ideas and concepts that clients love but tend to annoy both IT and Brand.

I like to create engaging content by mingling precision and creativity with a dash of fun and love to pique learning through curiosity.

Vijai Mahendran



Kia ora koutou,

I am Vijai, who is the Jack of all learning tools and always keen to expand my wide range of skillsets.

While I enjoy creative designs, I am also super passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences.

I started my e-learning journey when it was still being referred to as CBT and distributed on floppy disks in late 90s.

I have had a fair share of corporate politics serving the Big 4 bank’s learning teams and also been part of Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) of NZ.

Smooth sea never makes a skilful sailor. I can certainly say I have travelled through several rough seas on my learning journey and been made a seasoned sailor who can add an ‘X’ factor to the team.

Build Websites

Build Websites

Websites build trust. That very first impression is crucial to getting a sell and showing authenticity. In the subconscious of everyone we all think " can I trust these people" when we visit a website. So I like to start with something new that grabs attentions and is familiar enough that you don't miss the point. I love to make websites that do new things for that reason, to help you tell your story online in a new way that makes friend with people right off the bat.

Design Prints

I can take existing branding assets and size them to fit on anything. In some case we'll need to make sure we have the right file types, but I make lots of this kind a material and you can see a lot of it a Downtown Bentonville Inc including around the square and at events.

Take Spicy Images

Check out my images on instagram to see if they fit your preference and  just know that I have fair and reasonable prices , but also I get them done quicker than most. I also don't mind sharing my secrets to small business owners and people who want to take their photos to the next level without editing them one at a time using complicated software. I make everything easy and outstanding so I can manage a lot. Remember this is my side business too!

What are your prices?

I Don't Draw

Sorry. I wish! I'd make pretty sweet things, but if you want a coffee bean drinking coffee, or a skateboarding banana, or a Naopoleon Dynamite getting "three feet of air that time" or a the Mona Lisa sipping her Latte...I can't do that myself.

However I do know some really swell people that can make these things for a fair price, so definitely ask anyway. It never hurts to ask.

Automated Print Shop

I've made a few print shops that run completely on their own with Ecwid & Printful. Ecwid let's you handles the store back-end crazy easy and provided an excellent app for that. Printful let's you make mockups with ease and handles all the shipping , paying and returns. You just tell them how much profit you want on each item and they send it over to Ecwid.

This is a radicle option for anyone who wants to sell Merch, but isn't a Merch shop. My dream was to be able to make shirts of my designs really easy. Now I can , plus I can sell them. now too.


Teach What I Know

This is the most important part of being a freelancer these days and and I love to teach what I know because I spend a lot of time find the best ways to do things. I never stop. So if you want to learn how to do something with Webflow or how to save money on everyday business expenses , I have learned some lessons I'd be happy to share. Take a look at my musings page to learn lots of life and business tricks. It ain't easy being a small businesses and every $10 a month adds up fast!

Want to learn Webflow or how I edit my images, insanely fast? I have videos for that, but I'll also meet you at 211 Cafe for come excellent cuppajoe and to party in person. Thats my favorite, because it gives mea change to learn too. So text me and let me know if you need help with anything.

Oh and why would I charge for that when the internet if full of people doing it for free? I'm not a boring consultant, more like your new homie who's learned from a lot of intentional mistakes and practice and just knows what he doing. If I don't know something I won't pretend I do.

So let's start our own Webflow meet up or something.

We create beautifully crafted learning experiences that kidnap curiosity